Women’s Trip

June 28 – July 1

Hey Ladies! Let’s take a break together and have some girl time! But this is not paint your nails, get pampered, make-up wearing, eat fancy food time. This is get dirty, leave off your bra, sweat a little, laugh a lot, discover your inner badass kind of trip.

This trip will be fun for all levels of experience (including none!) but a basic level of fitness will be necessary. We will be backpacking for 4 days and 3 nights. The first day will be easy to moderate depending on the composition of the group. The next day we will work enough to know that we have earned it. Day 3 will be a rest day to swim, lie in the sun, read, explore, or do whatever the heck we want without anyone asking us where their new shirt is or to drive them anywhere. Our last day will be slightly longer but with lighter packs and stronger legs.

But fear not! My goal is not to push you to the point of exhaustion and misery. I always maximize fun so that you come home already thinking about your next trip. We will go at an easy pace and take breaks as needed. But that said, I do recommend training for this trip. You will have an easier time hiking and more energy to enjoy yourself at the end of the day. Regular walking and hiking in a hilly area would be the minimum – adding a weighted pack would be even better.

My hope is that you will learn enough to feel confident in going on short trips of your own. So this is not a “concierge trip”. We will all share in the work and responsibilities, such as: setting up camp, prepping and cooking, collecting and treating water, wood gathering, etc.

Where are we going?

The exact trail will be determined based on weather, snow, smoke, and other conditions. My first choice will be the Five Lakes Basin starting from Grouse Ridge Campground. If this trail is not an option for some reason, we will find an equally beautiful and similarly challenging trail.

Day 1 – 6am, meet at Bond Park in Petaluma. Drive to Grouse Ridge Campground and hike to Downey Lake (approx 1 mile).

Day 2 – Rise at dawn and hike to Five Lakes Basin via Glacier Lake (approx 4 miles). (Dawn you say?! Hiking in the heat of the day SUCKS so we will beat the heat and get an early start. Then as the day heats up we will be at our next camp and able to jump in that fresh mountain lake to wash off the trail dust. Ahhhhhh!)

Day 3 – Chillax

Day 4 – Rise at dawn to hike over Sand Ridge back to our cars (approx 5 miles) and drive back to Petaluma.

This video from last summer’s Teen Trip was to Downey Lake and Five Lakes Basin. We will start at a different trailhead however to make the first and last days easier.

What will we learn?

  • What and how to pack
  • Basics of navigation
  • Where and how to set up camp
  • Meal planning and wilderness cooking (not freeze dried!)
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Fire building (if permitted)
  • Safe stream crossing
  • Basic wilderness safety, how not to get lost but what to do if you are and more…
  • Leadership
  • Community building
  • Personal reflection
  • Self-reliance
  • Time away from technology
  • Appreciation of simplicity
  • And of course, making new friends

What’s included?

Included: Food and specialty gear (like cooking supplies, water purifiers, etc).

Not included – Personal Gear (backpack, tent, sleeping bag, pad, hiking poles). We will help you choose the right gear to buy or rent.



**$100 deposit is due upon sign-up, 50% is due 60 days before trip date and balance is due 30 days before trip date. In case of cancellation: 60 days prior – deposit is fully refundable. 30 days prior – deposit is non-refundable*, other payments are refundable. 15 days prior – deposit and 50% of cost is non-refundable*.  Exceptions will be made in case of positive Covid test or symptoms.

(*unless one of us finds someone to take your place ie. a friend or waitlist).

Please email me with Questions, Feedback, or to be Added to our mailing list: holly@outnabout.live

Have fun. Challenge yourself. Make friends. Pitch in. Learn and grow. Make mistakes. Laugh about it. Help someone. Be curious. Trust yourself.

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