SCUBA Camp (ages 14-18)

August 7-10, 2022

Why SCUBA for teens?

My younger son and I got certified in Thailand in 2018 when he was 14. Not only was it incredible to experience the beauty of life under the sea, but as a mom, I was thrilled to watch my teen experience all the other aspects of diving. The course takes each diver through the skills step by step. You don’t progress until you have mastered a skill and are ready for the next. Some of the skills can be quite challenging (but are totally doable!) and so there is a huge sense of accomplishment for completing this course. You learn how to check your own gear and double-check your dive buddy, with thoroughness and safety being the #1 priority. Once you are diving, you are monitoring yourself and your dive buddy thus building self-reliance and trust in your partner. And, of course, the magical part is being in your own little self-contained bubble, quietly exploring a world we usually have no part of. I can’t say enough about this experience and would love to share it with as many teens as possible.

We are partnering with Pinnacles Dive Center in Novato – they will provide their exceptional teaching and equipment and we will provide all of the logistical support in a chill (because they are teenagers) camp setting.

My hope is to create a group of local teens who want to go on dive trips together.

Where/When are we going?

August 7 – Meet in Petaluma at Bond Park (on Banff Way near the playground) and go to Pinnacles Dive Center in Novato for the pool portion of their certification course (or meet at Pinnacles if that’s more convenient).

August 8 – 7am, Meet in Petaluma at Bond Park and drive to Lake Tahoe/Meeks Bay Resort. Set up camp, swim, hang out, campfire, etc.

August 9 – Open Water dive #1 & 2, relax, swim, etc

August 10 – Open Water dive #3 & 4, Celebrate!, pack up and drive home

What will they learn?

  • PADI Open Water Certification
  • Introduction to underwater world
  • Perseverence and sense of accomplishment
  • Self-reliance
  • Trust building & Accountability
  • Physical safety as a priority
  • Personal reflection
  • Time away from technology
  • And of course, making new friends

What’s included?

Included: PADI Open Water certification course – PADI online course, confined and open water skills practice and check off, rental SCUBA equipment for all days.

1 Pool session (all day)

3 Days/2 Nights camping at Lake Tahoe, including meals.

Not included – Personal camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, pad).



**$100 deposit is due upon sign-up, 50% is due 60 days before trip date and balance is due 30 days before trip date. In case of cancellation: 60 days prior – deposit is fully refundable. 30 days prior – deposit is non-refundable*, other payments are refundable. 15 days prior – deposit and 50% of cost is non-refundable*.  Exceptions will be made in case of positive Covid test or symptoms.

(*unless you find another child or we can easily find another child to take your child’s place ie. waitlist).

Please email me with Questions, Feedback, or to be Added to our mailing list:

Have fun. Challenge yourself. Make friends. Pitch in. Learn and grow. Make mistakes. Laugh about it. Help someone. Be curious. Trust yourself.

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