The Journey Begins


In the Fall of 2018, Casey and I decided to take a break, from school and work, to get out in the world and see some of it. We embarked on a four month journey through Europe, Japan, and Thailand. We had backpacks and a general plan but a willingness to change directions on a moment’s notice. Koben ended up taking the semester off so he joined us for about half of the trip.

I haven’t finished documenting the entire trip but I hope you enjoy what I have so far!

Out ‘n About: the beginning – a layover in England and our first days in Norway

Iron Age Farm – a very cool historic farm in Norway

I ❤ Norway! – yes I really do!

Finishing up Norway and on to Holland – Oslo, Amsterdam, and Utrecht

Belgium – new friends, biking in the rain and the Battle of the Bulge

The Camino Provides – our first few days on the Camino de Santiago

Bedbugs – ugh

3 days in Morocco – an enchanting country but not recommended when you’re sick 😦

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